Here are the most common questions we receive.

How do I get pricing?

Use the "Contact Us" page to send us your information and we’ll get back to you quickly with a price! Giving quotes via email is much better, but we can also do quotes on the phone, or at least take your information and research your needs and email you back with a price.

Can I get just one?

Certain applications such as Thermal Transfer or Sublimation are perfect for "just one" item. However, their are limitations.

How much does printing cost?

It varies so much. It depends on how many you’re ordering and what the printing is like (just one color on the front only, versus two color front and three color back, etc) and what kind of shirt it is. There is no standard price. Get in touch with us for a custom price!

How do I submit artwork?

Just email it to info@southshoreprintco.ca and we’ll check it out. If your file is too big to email to us, you can use WeTransfer

What's your minimum?

Our minimum for Screen Printing is 12 
Our minimum for Embroidery is 12

Can you mix and match for the minimum?

  • For embroidery, yes. You may mix and match the thread color as well as the apparel, as long as the same size logo is going on all pieces.
  • For Screen Printing, Yes. As long as the same image size and color are going on all pieces.
Once you change size and color, extra fees will apply.